Rules 1) – Keep posts to the right channels don’t go wildly off topic in a chat.

2) – No dead animals, and no beastiality

3) – No Child Porn, or Questionable Minors (Jailbait, etc.)

4) – No animated or real gore (hard ban on this)

5) – No loli/shota/cub

6) – No spam/flooding the chats

7) – No scat / unbirthing / birthing / prolapse

8) – No doxing / illegal activites

9) – Don’t abuse the @ ping

10) – No selfbots they’re spammy and annoying!

11) – Don’t Promote Racism and hate in general. Everyone has the capacity to make mistakes(in service of a meme/gaff). Once it seems sincere then you will be punished.

12) – Don’t post links to other discord servers outside of the channel #otherdiscords, if you wish to invite friends do so in dms. Most offences may come with a warning but moderators can kick/ban you of their own discretion.

13) – NO piracy: Asking for or providing commercial materials/services illegal download links IS NOT ALLOWED! Discussing piracy practices is also not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, asking where to download games and asking for help with pirated copies.

14) – Insulting others is not allowed. Users that show abusive/toxic behavior will be expelled from our server.

15) – No too long or abusive nicknames. No unusual characters in nicknames which may display incorrectly, including an over abuse of modifier characters. Repetitive violation of this rule may result in ban.

16) – when someone has an actual vent or confession, all ironic shit and memes will result in your message being removed and after continuous rule breaking will result in a kick

17) – Conduct should be guided by common sense and basic etiquette. Do not harass, threaten, embarrass, or do anything else unwanted to another user. This means: don’t say bad things about them; don’t attack their character, race, heritage, etc. If you disagree with someone, respond to the subject, not the person.

18) – ‘Suggestive’ (not wholesale explicit content for explicit sake) content is allowed outside of NSFW channels only if it is a direct reference to a particular respective medium and relevant to the discussion.

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